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Collective storytelling to shift perspectives and shape policy.

This initiative aims to magnify awareness and deepen the understanding of antimicrobial resistance (AMR).  

Explore a collection of AMR stories from around the globe HERE. 

We invite you to contribute your unique story to the #GlobalAMRDiary to amplify your voice, share your experience and join a global community committed to action and change in the fight against AMR. 

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If we publish any information that you have provided, we will do so anonymously unless you give us express consent to share your name, image or likeness in connection with your story.


If you would like to share your story more publicly, please contact

A note from Diane Shader Smith:

The Global AMR Diary: Collective Storytelling to Shift Perspectives and Shape Policy emerges from a deeply personal tragedy— the loss of my daughter Mallory at the age of 25 to antimicrobial resistance (AMR), commonly referred to as a superbug infection.

Over the last five years, I have shared her story around the world and found that audiences everywhere wanted to share their own experiences with AMR.  The Global AMR Diary gives people a chance to do just that. It includes impactful personal stories from those at the front lines of this crisis—including patients, their families, caregivers, healthcare workers, and biotech innovators, from around the world. We are hoping many more of you will be part of it.

By bringing together diverse voices and experiences, we are building a compelling narrative to educate and inform but also to motivate stakeholders at all levels to take action. Many different groups have been collecting these stories, which we are now sharing in this comprehensive and publicly accessible platform.

Mallory’s memoir, Diary of a Dying Girl, documents her struggle with resistant bacteria. But she is just one of the many millions who have died – or will die – from AMR. The Global AMR Diary serves as a reminder that combating AMR is not just a policy issue but a moral imperative. We are using it to call for a unified response to what is arguably one of the most daunting health and humanitarian challenges of our time.

Watch this video to hear from Mallory herself.


If you need help writing up your story, please email

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